Homebuyer Education and Counseling

Homebuyer Education and Counseling

Steps in the Homebuyer education and Counseling Program


 1. Create and complete NeighborWorks Green Bay Profile

2. Register and attend Homebuyer Education

3. Upload income documents and budget to NeighborWorks Green Bay Profile

4. Meet with Homeownership Counselor for 30-minute Intake phone call

5. Meet with Homeownership Counselor for 75-minute Homebuyer Counseling appointment

6. Attend any follow up appointments necessary

It can take up to 2 weeks to schedule your appointments after completing Homebuyer Education and up to 30 days to complete our entire program. Please plan accordingly and reach out to us if you have any questions.


All houses need a strong foundation. Likewise, homebuyer education will help you create a strong foundation for your homebuying experience. Purchasing a home is one of the most important financial decisions most people make. The homebuyer education classes taught by the NeighborWorks Green Bay staff will help create a strong foundation for both your homebuying and homeownership experience.

Taking part in one of these classes can help take some of the mystery and stress out of the home buying process, as well as potentially save you time and money. Our class fulfills requirements for Down Payment and Closing Cost assistance through NeighborWorks Green Bay, in addition to loans through other sources, e.g. WHEDA or FHLB Down Payment Plus.

The curriculum for our homebuyer education class was developed by NeighborWorks® America. It is approved by the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and is an adapter of the national Industry Standards (NIS) for Homebuyer Education and Counseling.


Virtual Homebuyer Education Class

Online Homebuyer Education Class through eHome America







Class Offerings:

Every month by NeighborWorks Green Bay staff

Self-paced, register to start today

Time Commitment:

6-8 hours

Self-paced, personalized to your schedule


$50 per household

$125 per household

Available Languages:


English and Spanish

Pre-Purchase Counseling

After completing Homebuyer Education, you will engage in one-on-one pre-purchase Homebuyer Counseling. Our Homeownership Counselors will discuss a variety of homeownership topics including:

  • Clarifying your homeownership goals
  • How much you can afford to pay for a home and the monthly mortgage payment
  • Obtaining a mortgage loan from a primary lender, e.g. bank, credit union, mortgage company
  • Selecting a REALTOR®
  • Potential for Down Payment and Closing Cost Assistance from NeighborWorks Green Bay
  • Connecting to other community resources
  • Budgeting for repairs and maintenance
  • Obtaining a home inspection
  • Other helpful advice!
Prerequisites: Homebuyer Education completed with NeighborWorks Green Bay, as well as an intake appointment with a Homeownership Counselor
Counseling Services: Zoom or in-person
Time Commitment: 60-75 minutes
Available Languages: English and Spanish

Homebuyer Education Topics:
Are you ready to buy a home?
Managing Your Money
Understanding Credit
Obtaining a Mortgage Loan
Shopping for a Home
Protecting Your Investment

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